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Self-regulated learning strategies predict learner behavior and goal attainment in Massive Open Online Courses

Behaviour of students in a MOOC. Dear all, I’m glad to inform that it’s been published the paper “Self-regulated learning strategies predict learner behavior and goal attainment in Massive Open Online Courses“. This is an extension of the work that we started with René Kizilcec and Jorge Maldonado and which was...

Preparing all Engineers to Become Entrepreneurial: Core Entrepreneurship Education in Chile

Today we have been informed that our article on how our School of Engineering at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile is transforming its curriculum to become more entrepreneurial focussed has been published. This article (with only one page length) presents very briefly the changes the School have conducted to create a...

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We have a portfolio of projects on  technology enhanced learning, focusing on providing innovative technological solutions for supporting new learning scenarios and to understand better how we learn.

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